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Current Management

The Gang Ranch has been managed by Larry and Bev Ramstad since April 1990.

Larry grew up in Alberta, graduating from Fairview Agricultural College. Inspired by one of his professor's experience as a cowboy, Larry pursued his first cowboy job in the Nicola Valley, BC. From there he went on to spend a couple years working at remote ranches in New Zealand and Australia. He came back to BC working as a cowboy, cow-boss and general manager at a number of ranches in central BC and the Chilcotin area. Larry married Bev in 1969. Coming from a third-generation ranching family, Bev was well prepared for the ranching lifestyle, working right alongside Larry as a cook and raising their two children.

Larry and Bev came to the Gang Ranch in 1990. At the time the ranch had fallen a great distance from its early glory years under the Western Canadian Ranching Company (1888-1947). Much of the ranch was in disrepair, the irrigation system and hay fields needed attention, buildings required repairs, there were no fences, the cowherd was in poor shape and there was no breeding program for the horse herd. Under Larry’s careful management the ranch began to improve. The first priority was the cowherd. The ranch had been running 7 or 8 different breeds with no fences to control cross breeding. Fences were installed and over the next 10 years Larry established a breading program to consist of top-quality black Canadian Angus cattle. Over time staffing was added to both the cowboy and farm crews, buildings and irrigation systems were repaired, 400 acres of hay fields were upgraded to pivot irrigation systems, and a breading program was established to produce top quality ranch quarter horses.

Our Story

Meet The Management Team

Jason Woolsey

Jason Woolsey


Jason was first hired as a member of the cowboy crew in 2013, he took on the position of cow-boss in 2017. His role is to oversee the cowboy crew and the management of the cattle. He works along side the other cowboys, driving cattle, branding, calving, as well as shoeing and breaking horses.

Ken Hofmann


Ken originally worked at the Gang Ranch in the early 1990's as a cowboy. In 2019 he returned the Gang as a farmer and took on the position of farm-boss in 2020. His role is to oversee the irrigation and farm crews, manage winter feeding of cattle, and manage the 1,200 acres of hay fields.


Brian Holst


Brian has been working at the Gang Ranch since 1975. He started out as a cowboy, then a farmer, and worked as farm-boss for many years. In 2020 Brian stepped down as farm-boss and took on the new role of Mechanic.  His role is to facilitate all equipment repairs and manage the irrigation pivots.


Iris McNab

Head Cook

Iris first came to the Gang in 1989 as a camp cook. After a number of years she was asked to work as the head cook for a year long term. 30 years later she is still the head cook, providing home-style meals three meals a day and baking for a crew of 10-25 employees.

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Lexi Verboom

Bookkeeper/Office Administrator

Lexi joined the team in 2018 as the bookkeeper and office administrator. She is also the first aid attendant and manages the ranch's safety program.