Gang Ranch

Across the mighty Fraser river lays the historic Gang Ranch. It is one of the largest cattle ranches in Canada consisting of just under 30,000 acres of private land and an additional million acres of leased crown land for grazing. At one time the Gang Ranch included ranch land at Canoe Creek, the Kelly Ranch, the Harper Ranch, the Perry Ranch, 57 Mile, Sullivan Pastures, Meadow Lake, and Crows Bar.

Surrounded by a rough and unforgiving country the Gang is an oasis of lush hay fields and rolling hills. The head quarters are a picturesque display of heritage buildings surrounded by manicured lawns and great cottonwood trees. Horses with a foal at their side can often be seen lazily grazing in the foothills. Out on the range, cowboys, garbed in traditional western wear, saddle their horses before the break of dawn for another day’s ride directing cattle through the mountain meadows.

JH Brand

The JH brand used by the Gang Ranch is the oldest registered brand still in use today. It was original used at the Harper Ranch. The Brand represents the two founder's initials, Jerome and Thaddeus Harper. The J stands for Jerome and the sideways T stands for Thaddeus, connected they form an H for Harper.

How was the Gang Ranch Named?

The Gang Ranch was originally part of the Canadian Ranching Company, but was commonly referred to as “The Gang.” The origins of name are debated between the large numbers of workers or “gangs of workers” required to establish irrigation ditches, or from being one of the first ranches in the area to use the gang plow.